Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Papaya Ice Halvo

Ripe Papaya                 1 medium size
Sugar                          200 gm
Ghee ( clarified butter) 1 tb spoon
Cardamom   8-9 pieces
Almond-Pistachio slices 1 tb spoon


1.   Take off the skin and sids of papaya. Mash it in a bowl.

2.   Saute papaya in a pan with 1 tb spoon of Ghee and when the papaya is done add suger in it.

3.   Stir it until all the water evaporate and then take off from the gas.

4.   On  a plastic put all the papaya mixture and roll it with rolling pin.

5.   When the mixture is little bit warm sprinkle cardamom seeds, almonds and pistachio slices and roll it one more time with soft hand.

6.   Make square pieces and put in it the box with butter paper in the middle of two pieces.

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