Thursday, December 27, 2012

Matla Undhiyu

Matla undhiyu is also known as  Umbadiyu / Ubadiyu in South Gujarat.

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Potatoes                   4-5 big
Small eggplant        4 pieces
Purple Yam (ratalu) 1/2 lb
Sweet potatoes         2 pieces
Surati papdi             1 bowl
Tuvar lilva               1 bowl
Green chili               7-8 pieces
Ginger                      2 inch piece
Ajwain                       1 tb spoon
Salt                            2 tb spoon
Gram flour sev to spinkle
1 earthen pot
Few cabbage / lettuce leaves

1. wash and peel the sides of surti papdi. Leave it whole don't cut it.
2. chop Tuvar lilva (pigeon peas), green chilli and ginger in chopper, Make sure you don't make paste and mix it with surati padi.

3. Now cut potatoes in four pieces, make two cross slit on the eggplant ( ravaiya) and cut Ratalu ( purple Yam) in big pieces.
4. Add salt, ajwain and one tea spoon oil and mix together very well.

4. Wash the earthen pot under tap water.

5. Now arrange some cabbage leaves on the bottom and sides of earthen pot.

6. Add surati papdi mixture as first layer.

7. Now add potato, eggplant and purple yam mixture for the second layer.

8. Add surti papdi mixture final layer.

9. Now cover all the mixture with cabbage leaves/ lettuce leaves.

10. Now put the clay lid on the pot.

11. Seal the lid and pot with flour paste. So the moisture with stay in.  

12. Now prepare for fire. I used my fire place but if you don't have that option then you can put two bricks side by side and put wood block in the middle and make fire. Or you can also cook the pot on the propane stove.

13. Let it cook for 45-50 minutes. Don't worry about burning. Little bit burning will give you that authentic smokey taste.
14. Remove the seal with knife and open the lid. Undhiyu is cooked now. You can keep the whole pieces but traditional mesh everything, dont remove the skin.

15. Now add sessame oil, green chuteny, garlic chuteny and kotha chuteny ( if you don't have kotha chuteny then you can use tamerind chuteny) in it. 
16. Now sprinkle some sev, serve hot with all the three chuteny on the side and enjoy.

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